Rev English Workshop 招生簡章

2010-05-4 jours


課程名稱: Rev English Workshop
主持人: 孫百儀 (Baiyi)
工作坊時間: 5 June-31 July, 2010 每週六PM 2:00 – 5:00
課程費用: 新台幣15,000元整
報名優惠: 15/05/2010前報名並繳費者享九折優惠。
報名方式: 請電04-2378.3613東海書苑,或email to:
! ! 報名請留下姓名、電話及聯絡方式
開課前的作業: 請深入地探究、思考、分析自己學習英語的經驗,詳述目前
時數: 工作坊共八堂八週,第九週舉辦英語茶會,時數共計27小時
工作坊地點:東海書苑 台中市五權西二街104號
Rev English Workshop 招生簡章
Rev English


Session 1: Re-think the Language (Process)
note taking, fragment writing and a bit of why (yawn) you want to learn English in the first place

Session 2: Active Reading
Everyone needs to read to talk. Even those who don’t read have to read. Trust me.

Session 3: It’s Actually Easier than You Think
Speaking to inform

Session 4: You MUST/HAVE TO/CAN … Read That Book, Go to That Place, or Try This
Speaking to inform and influence

Session 5: We’re having a discussion, or are we?
Using discursive language.

Session 6: Please Do Not What I Tell You But What Needs to Be Done
Speaking to inform and influence, convince and persuade, …Or, coerce?

Session 7: You’re on a Need-to-Know Basis
Speaking in vague terms

Session 8: Free Talk is Not Free at all!
The devil is of course in the details.

Session 9: Tea Party! (What?! You’ve no right to be absent!)
Time to show that you’ve indeed improved your English in 8 weeks.

Rev English Workshop June 2010

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